Say what you want about what Lana Del Rey sounds like, but one thing that can't be debated: The artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant is gorgeous.The 'Blue Jeans' singer released her cover art for the second single, and it's just as retro, subdued and sexy as you'd imagine -- but also a bit dark, much like Del Rey's music.

In a scene that looks like it's ripped from a '60s B-movie, Del Rey lies on the beach, her darkly cat-lined eyes closed. Her auburn waves are tousled perfectly underneath her, laying smoothly on the sand next to her alabaster face. She dons what appears to be a white swimsuit appropriate of the era which she so often likes to evoke.

What makes the photo eerie? The heavily tattooed man's hand that inches towards the singer's throat. Based on her blissful expression, it's hard to tell whether the mitt -- which bears some knuckle ink spelling out  the F-bomb -- is caressing or about to choke Del Rey. Also intriguing is the lighting of the shot. The sunlight dances in a way reminiscent of the way it looks at the bottom of a swimming pool underwater. Symbolic or just pretty? Tough call, but either way, it makes for a stunning and provocative visual.

Del Rey released the cover image on Twitter, writing, "Blue Jeans cover art, video coming soon." No specific date was given, but we can't wait to see what she has in store!