Lana Del Rey lives up to her "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" rep in her new 'Blue Jeans' remix, especially with the new rap added in courtesy of Azealia Banks.

Set to a pulsing electronic beat by Smims & Belle (comprised of Mark Foster and Isom Innis of Foster the People), in the early verse she actually repeats that fact, with her "I'm a gangsta" line repeated ad nauseum. The point is driven home even further by Banks, whose rapid fire rhymes complement Del Rey's sad crooning, as she spits "Gangstas aren't dead." These two native New Yorkers work beautifully together!

The newly brunette Del Rey has been on a productivity spree lately. She released her video for 'Carmen' last week, which she described as a "biopic," and explored New York City through her typical Instagram-style lenses. She's in the midst of filming yet another video, this time for the song 'Summertime Sadness,' featuring actress Jaime King.

Banks has been just as busy a bee as Del Rey, performing at Coachella and ignoring Twitter beefs. That takes work!

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Blue Jeans' Remix Feat. Azealia Banks