Lana Del Rey is pretty low-key as far as celebrities go: You rarely see paparazzi shots of the singer out on the town, and she recently told Billboard that long drives and walks around Big Sur are her preferred way to pass the time when she isn't recording. But staying out of the spotlight didn't prevent two separate people from severely violating Lana's privacy in the past few weeks.

A woman named Icess Floyd decided to make herself at home on Lana's property in early November, according to documents obtained by TMZ. Floyd took off with Del Rey's Jaguar XK convertible (rude) and it was ultimately impounded (ruder). Not content to let stolen Jags lie, Floyd then returned for a second time, driving off with Del Rey's 2015 F-TYPE. The thief was soon busted in her hot wheels for an outstanding traffic warrant, effectively ending her joyrides. That's impound visit #2 for Ms. Del Rey — or more likely, an assistant.

Just a few weeks later, Lana's privacy was invaded yet again when an eager/inappropriate fan was arrested on Tuesday (December 1) for breaking into the pop star's Malibu home. The 19-year-old was described as "infatuated" and was hiding out in her garage when he was discovered by a construction worker, according to TMZ.  He was reportedly tracked down and arrested for felony burglary — he allegedly pocketed one of Lana's books, which is somehow creepier than taking a slightly less personal item like a TV.

Fortunately, Lana wasn't home for an encounter with the uninvited guest. But given that the singer's admitted to suffering from anxiety and has a right to be left alone, it's enough to make someone want to blow a helicopter up with a rocket launcher!

Okay that's taking it too far — but she should definitely beef up her security system. Better yet, let's eradicate the need for security altogether: Leave Lana in peace!

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