More touring – make that not touring -- news has emerged from the Lana Del Rey camp. Turns out Del Rey axed her SXSW gig altogether and has postponed Australian dates.

This comes fresh off reports that she had cancelled a spring tour, which were later refuted by her publicist who said a spring tour was never confirmed and that Del Rey would indeed tour this fall.

We predicted yesterday that something was up in the state of Del Rey and to continue quoting Shakespeare, we think her people doth protest too much. Her handlers say she is fine and she is going to perform, yet she keeps postponing, delaying and nixing gigs. It doesn't bode well or build any sort of confidence that Del Rey will put on a good show and thus be worth the price of admission. It's also unfathomable that an emerging artist, even with all the hype that has surrounded Del Rey, isn't on the road, touring incessantly to support a debut and to win new fans. There is no "to tour or not to tour" mentality -- we're borrowing from the Bard, again! -- when it comes to a developing artist. It's tour, tour, tour and LDR isn't touring ... At all.

Ace Showbiz reports that a press release was issued, indicating that "unprecedented international demand" was the reason that Del Rey tabled her planned shows Down Under. The release said "more extensive dates will be announced soon" and that "Lana is looking forward to her maiden Australian visit and sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused." Something doesn't sound quite right.

An official statement as to why she isn't performing at SXSW now has yet to be issued. However, the organizers at SXSW have confirmed that she has pulled out of the music industry event.

What do you think, PopCrush readers? What's up with Lana Del Rey not touring? While you ponder that thought, watch this video of Del Rey's 'Video Games' parodied with footage the 'Hunger Games' trailer. 'Hunger Games' is a the popular teen book series that will be released in film form this March.

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