Lana Del Rey treated fans to a new video, this time for 'Carmen.' The song is an ode to a troubled young woman dubbed the "Coney Island Queen," but the video isn't a literal take on the song. It's instead of a collection of grainy snapshots of Del Rey's hometown of New York City.The video opens with the Instagram-style shots that put Del Rey on the map, this time of a rose interspliced with scenes from old Hollywood paparazzi. Once the actual song begins, we see a scantily clad woman working a pole, then Del Rey on a New York City stoop.

In various black and white cuts, Del Rey rides the back of a motorcycle being operated by a gent in a Yankees cap and poses in front of a brick building. There are swimming pool scenes reminiscent of both 'Video Games' and 'Blue Jeans,' as well as vintage-style shots of children playing outside.

In one scene, Del Rey is behind the camera interviewing the motorcycle boytoy, asking him about his dream girl and giggling. The video ends with a tinkling piano and footage of a girl dancing alone in a field.

New York City is the real theme of the video, with images of the skyline and various landmarks sprinkled throughout. Del Rey described the clip as a "biopic" on her YouTube page, but it feels more like a tribute to summers spent in the city that never sleeps.

Watch Lana Del Rey, 'Carmen' Video