Lana Del Rey's vocal ability on 'Saturday Night Live' may be a topic of hot contention, but one thing no one can take away from the girl? She's stunning, and she proved it on the cover of the Russian edition of Interview.

Del Rey is lit warmly, her strawberry blonde hair taking on a bolder shade of copper. She's decked out like a 1960s mod goddess, her pale skin emphasized by her dramatic winged eyeliner. The dramatic close up makes her face the focal point, whereas many other covers have focused on her full package bod.

The 'Video Games' singer pokes fun at herself and the rumors about her pout as a bee rests on her lips. It's a little bit Silence of the Lambs, a little bit sexpot.

The cover is the latest in a slew for the heavily-hyped chanteuse. The bee pictured here would fit right in with the blossoms on her Billboard cover, while the dark humor in it can draw comparisons to her bloody beauty queen cover of Q.