Lana Del Rey put on quite a show at the El Rey theater in Los Angeles. The New York native debuted a new track, 'Body Electric,' for her diehards.

The performance is a pretty typical one for the usually subdued Del Rey. She wears a super cute white dress and simply stands there crooning, until about halfway through the song where she crouches down to serenade the crowd. She performs in front of a backdrop comprised of images from her 'Blue Jeans' video, giving an extra noir feel to the show.

The crowd went absolutely bananas for everything Del Rey did, and with good reason. Her performance was a remarkable improvement from her now-infamous 'SNL' debacle. Her vocals were much stronger and she even moved a bit!

LDR didn't seem exhausted, either. Perhaps she recovered from whatever illness prevented, for a second time, her excursion to Tokyo.

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform 'Body Electric'