Whoever reps Lana Del Rey for modeling endorsements deserves a big, fat bonus as the singer has bagged yet another high-end (and likely lucrative) modeling campaign. She is now repping Versace. Nice score, Donatella.

Del Rey expertly mixes high and low end on her modeling portfolio – cheap and chic. She is simultaneously the face of luxury sports car company Jaguar, as well as H&M, the discount retailer where you go when you want to stock up on basics without breaking the bank. Now, LDR significantly ups the fashion ante with her new Versace partnership.

The first images have landed online courtesy of the Lana Del Rey World Twitter account.

In one shot, Del Rey has an almost chola lip look, since her liner is a few shades darker than her pastel pink lipstick. Her auburn waves are also a central focus in the shots. She's also rocking some serious gold hoops, ghetto fab style. But she's been showing gold hoops a lot lately.

She's also wearing a blue tennis skirt -- which has a bit of a Catholic school girl vibe -- in one image.

Del Rey is certainly better known for being a model than she is for being a singer. She started the year off with a bang (her album 'Born to Die'), which was immediately followed by a thud (her 'SNL' performance, which we still contend didn't suck as much as critics said it did, since she ALWAYS performs in a static, immobile way). Then there were those arguments that she can't sing and tour dates went buh-bye.

The one thing we can count on LDR for is modeling gigs, tons and tons of leaked music, and lots of videos.

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