When Lana Del Rey performed at Amoeba Music in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, Feb. 9, the polarizing singer was met with a chorus of cheers, which caused her to flash a grin. As soon she started to sing 'Video Games' from 'Born to Die,' her fans clapped and cheered some more. Every time they did, she reacted with a smile.

LDR also fully engaged her nervous tick/habit of playing with her hair and pushing it out of her eyes.

Del Rey sounds like she does on record during this performance, and she doesn’t move much while turning in a subdued rendering of her moody song. Overall, this particular perf was pretty and intimate. She looked lovely in her blinged-out necklace and white dress, which channeled the '50s in and had bows down the back.

All the chatter about her being unable to sing live is shot to hell with this sweet performance. When she finished, Del Rey murmured something about wishing that she could be in the crowd with her fans. She clearly struggles with being in the spotlight and on stage, but it's not hampering her. She's improving. She sings like she does on record without incorporating any flash or flourishes. That just means Del Rey is going against the pop music grain.

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform 'Video Games'