Lana Del Rey covers the new Summer 2013 issue of Canada's Fashion Magazine. The singer, who has amassed cover after cover in her press kit, revealed details about her Scottish rocker boyfriend, admitting they kick each other's butts, musically speaking. She also shared what she always listens to when getting ready for cover shoots.

LDR has been quietly dating Scottish musician Barrie-James O'Neill, who opens for her on tour. The couple that plays together, stays together! "We sing some Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood duets together," the chanteuse said. "I’ve been seeing him for a year-and-a-half and he’s even more of a meticulous, devout artist than I am."

The sultry singer revealed that her man loves tickling the ivories, saying, "He can’t keep his hands off the piano, ever. Whenever I’m not writing, he always asks, 'Why aren’t you writing?' We kick each other's a--es. We give each other input every night."

How romantic that they can give each other tips on how to be better at their crafts! That's love.

LDR also spoke about having a theme for every mag cover she graces, and that is factoring into new music, too. "I’ve been watching old Spanish films and my new record has a Spanish guitar on it, so that actress-senorita vibe has been on my mind," she admitted. "We always listen to the Eagles' 'Hotel California' while we get ready."

LDR also admires late singer Amy Winehouse ("I believe she was who she was and in that way she got it right") and actress Lauren Bacall ("She never let anyone [persuade] her to be something she wasn’t. She was strong. She always looked like she knew what she was doing").

Those are the women that LDR looks up to, but she also spoke about being perceived as an anti-feminist, saying, "I get it. It looks like I’ve chosen a path of submission. But I’m a modern day woman in so many senses. I pay my way and work hard for things, but it is my choice, that at the end of the day I have a dominant male in my life that is hands-on. Someone who wants what he wants the way I do. I get so tired of trying to have it only my way -- it’s nice to have someone else who also has their life and opinions. I have to be so assertive in life that its nice to feel escape through a really passionate romance."

That's an interesting way to look at it.

The summer issue lands May 20.

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