A 30-second short of Lana Del Rey's H+M commercial hit the web last week, featuring a snippet of her haunting 'Blue Velvet' cover. Now the full commercial is here, and it's even trippier than the preview was.

In the full video, Del Rey is joined by the same cast of characters as in the preview -- there's still a bearded guy who appears madly in love with her, and she still has doppelgangers on a couch -- and then some. In addition to a seemingly bitter brunette who looks ultimately unimpressed with the crooner, there's also a really creepy looking woman with a parasol and a whole lot of makeup looking a bit too happy for comfort.

We're also introduced to an apparent sailor beau to Del Rey, who sits on a bed plucking petals off of a daisy as she applies face powder in a mirror. All the women in the commercial have waxen, shiny complexions, as if they're supposed to look almost Plasticine. When combined with Del Rey's nude, possibly artificially plumped lips, she looks like Priscilla Presley by way of a Real Doll ... but in the best way. Is it a casting couch scenario?

We see more of Del Rey's interactions with a hypnotist who's got almost as much eyeliner on as she does, and we get a glimpse of an Army man and a lady at payphones next to the 'Born to Die' singer. We also get a longer look at Del Rey's mishap when the little person unplugs the record player, and we gotta say: She's so adorbs when she looks so sheepish!