Lana Del Rey has a golden grill. Well, sort of. The singer -- who just cancelled and delayed some more shows -- flashed a blinged out gold tooth in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Feb. 7). Lana's a golden girl, with a sparkly 14 karat-looking cap on her right top canine. When she labeled herself a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra," she wasn't kidding.

According to Us Weekly, this isn't the first time Del Rey has rocked a gold tooth. She previously sported a more matte gold grinder last month.

Bejeweled and blinged caps are a hot accessory right now, and Lana's gold teeth are clearly temporary, easy-to-remove accessories, since you really can't swap crowns with relative ease or without, you know, a dentist.

It's nice to see LDR flash a smile – even if it's not 100 percent pearly whites. She's been the target of so much criticism since her No. 2-charting debut 'Born to Die' landed that you'd think she'd be wearing a permanent scowl or frown.

Gold Teeth: They're not just for pimps anymore. Neither are knuckle tatts, as Rihanna recently demonstrated. Our pop divas are showing off their tough sides, even if they are doing so via temporary accoutrements.