Poor Lana Del Rey—all she wants to do is get high by the beach, but some crazed fans just wont let her relax in peace.

According to a report by TMZ, the Honeymoon songstress recently had to get two restraining orders against a set of obsessed fans. The two Russian women, Nataliia Krinitsyna and Luliia Vladimirovna Pozdina, have reportedly been stalking, threatening, and tormenting the singer both at her home and in public. Apparently, Del Rey has endured the two women screaming at her, following her around, sleeping outside her house, and leaving threatening letters inside her mailbox, as well as suicide notes. Things got so bad that the artist had to move homes, only to have the two Russian women follow her there as well.

There are also reports that Krinitsyna and Pozdina have stood outside her residence in the middle of the night, shrieking her name, which is honestly one of the weirdest, most frightening and obsessive fan interactions we've ever heard of. These Lana fans have #nochill!

Del Rey has since hired a full-time bodyguard as well as LAPD police officers for protection, and a judge has granted restraining orders that maintain Krinitsyna and Pozdina must stay a minimum of 100 yards away from both Del Rey and her residence. Hopefully the two fans will get the hint and leave Lana alone!

Unfortunately, the artist is prone to attracting obsessive fans: In December, a 19-year-old fan traveled from Kansas, broke into her home while she was away, and hid in her garage, waiting for her. He was charged with stalking and burglary.

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