Fresh off her Vogue China spread, the lovely Lana Del Rey, who is a part-singer, part-model, also appears on the cover of the French publication Obsession.

The photos are a bit samey -- LDR's thick, lush auburn hair, perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows, piercing stare and '60s mod styling are all present, as is the case for so many of her spreads.

But she's gorgeous nonetheless.

In this particular spread, she's like a Barbie, with the thick, winged eyeliner and her icy blue stare.

Haunting. Breathtaking. Beautiful. If she ever decides to give up her music career, she certainly can go the model route. She has enough experience.

Tell us, PopCrushers. Are you totally enchanted by LDR, one of pop music's most polarizing figures in 2012, in this classic spread or are you a bit bored by the familiar poses and styles that have come to define her magazine work?


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