Lana Del Rey holds a modeling contract so it makes sense that the 'National Anthem' singer is ending up in high fashion spreads in major fashion mags like Vogue Italia.

She rocks fierce, feline poses, and not just because she is holding a bushy, furry cat (while wearing a figure-hugging, electric blue dress, mind you!) in one of the shots. Her nails are filed into sharp, cat-like claws and she boasts thick, cat-eyed liner and a sexy, slinky look throughout, much like a cat. She's also perched atop a blanket of fur in the spread, looking a bit like Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman, don't ya think?

There are tons –and we do mean tons- of photos of Del Rey in flowery frocks, a short pink mini and in chunky, Mary Jane platform heels, with her thick, auburn hair tumbling around her pouty lips and her pretty face in waves.

LDR has a mod style, and that's abundantly clear in several shots that comprise this sexy spread. It's ironic that Del Rey is the new H&M model -- she is repping the discount retailer's fall campaign appearing in ads and the like. H&M offers cheap, fashionable basics, which are nothing like the clothes she wears in this spread in terms of both price point and materials! The attire in these photos is mega expensive. H&M is not.

You can also watch Lana twirl her hair (something she does while she performs), smoke, drink, pose and look pretty and pouty with a drink in hand in the behind-the-scenes video, as well.

Watch Lana Del Rey Vogue Italia Behind-the-Scenes Video Footage