Lana Del Rey and the Jaguar F-TYPE are co-stars in her new video for 'Burning Desire.' The sexy chanteuse, with her long auburn waves, a slinky dress and ruby-stained lips, sings in her husky, smoky voice, the scenes of which are interspersed with shots of a sweet set of wheels cruising down and pretty much owning the road.

The video plays out like a commercial for the luxury ride, featuring Del Rey and her music. But they feel like two things that belong together. Wouldn't you love to date LDR, have her write a song about your prowess in bed and then take off in your red Jag? Wouldn't that be the life? It seems attainable in this rich clip.

Lana's hot, the car is hotter and this noir'ish and compelling video might make you spontaneously combust.

Check out this gorgeous, exclusive photo of LDR, lost in thought while on the set of the video, as well. Stunning, right?