"I'm Lana Del Rey and I'm a singer."

She's also VERY blonde!

A "classic" Keds commercial featuring a then-unknown Lana Del Rey has surfaced. Apparently, Del Rey designed a line of Keds sneakers (according to Oh No They Didn't!) and she appeared in this video to promote the kicks.

The normally flame-haired Del Rey is white blonde in this clip, but she still has the babyish and kittenish speaking voice. She is walking on the boardwalk, presumably in Coney Island, munching on blue cotton candy, wearing heart-shaped glasses, a gorgeous smile, a flowery dress and a pair of sensible Keds shoes.

She claims, "I write about what I know. Francis Ford Coppola said if you sit down to write at the same time every day, the muse always knows where you are, so I do that too."

It's a summery clip, as LDR rides a ferris wheel and has a good time. This was before the "Can she or can't she?" singing drama and before she became one of the most discussed and criticized pop stars working today.

She concludes, saying, "I wanna do something I can be the best at." That statement, in hindsight, feels incredibly loaded, since so many of LDR's critics maintain that she can't sing or perform in the live setting.

Nevertheless, this unearthed gem shows a cute, unassuming Del Rey, before the hype. We admit, we prefer her as a redhead. It's also cool that Keds was a patron of the up and coming artists like LDR.

UPDATE: This video was not meant to be released to the public and has since been blocked from YouTube.

Watch the Keds Commercial Feat. Lana Del Rey