Lana Del Rey lovers and haters will be happy to know that a "new" demo has landed online. Fans will be pleased by the change of pace on this song, in relation to most of the songs of her debut album, while her detractors will pounce on it, since it's so heavily processed, further convincing them that LDR couldn’t carry a tune with a thousand arms. The demo is previously unreleased, which is not to say that it's brand new. It's just now starting to circulate widely.

So what does 'Lift Your Eyes' sound like? It centers around that breathy, talking vocal style that LDR is known for, but there are some intense production values and she sings in a lifted, higher pitch. The song has a bit of a dancefloor vibe, too, like LDR is trying to do her indie version of Madonna. It's also more of the Kesha style of pop. Think bad girl gone badder. Essentially, Del Rey's voice is the sonic equivalent of a pout. Ya know, sexy and alluring. She's singing all sex kittenish and like a tease over a glassy beat.

It's the danciest we've heard Lana and there's not much in the way of that throwback style that she's mostly known for. This is more of the gangsta Nancy Sinatra that she is purported to be. The woman born Elizabeth Grant also adopts a hip-hop cadence to her voice.

It's different than much of the lovelorn, yearning and burning stuff that appears on 'Born to Die.'

What do you think of 'Lift Your Eyes,' PopCrush readers? We recommend listening a few times before you render a decision. It's really catchy and certainly left of center.

Listen to Lana Del Rey 'Lift Your Eyes'