Lana Del Rey's press kit is getting fatter by the minute. Her latest media coup? A feature in T, the New York Times' style magazine. For the photos, which you can enjoy below, LDR was shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson, and he captures the somewhat distant essence of Del Rey, looking gorgeous as ever in a form-fitting white sweater. Del Rey's looks are exotic and there's a chilly aura to her, which is why she keeps nabbing fashion-centric shoots like this.

The elusive Del Rey -– at least she is elusive when it comes to appearing at live venues -- shared a few details about the early days of her career, addressed her nature as a performer and why 'SNL' was a flop and revealed her current couch surfer living situation.

Del Rey said her climb to fame was long and hard, admitting, "I met everyone who is anyone in the music industry over the last six years and I was unsignable. That’s what I was told by everyone. I would play my songs, explain what I was trying to do, and I’d get, ‘You know who’s No. 1 in 13 countries right now? Kesha.'"

Del Rey, still living down her immobile performance on 'SNL' a month ago, revealed she suffers from a case of nerves when it comes to singing live. "I’m not by nature a showstopper," she said. "I love to write and play songs, but onstage, all these things come into play. I’m always saying to myself, Don’t mess up. Don’t mess up."

Despite the firestorm of fame (and likely financial fortune) that is following her, she admits to residing on an ex's couch in the ever-hip Williamsburg. How Lady Gaga of her to be fashionably homeless. She said, she is "staying with my ex-boyfriend. I live on his couch."