Lana Del Rey's 'Paradise' deluxe edition of 'Born to Die' features a very graphic lyric about a part of her body that tastes like Pepsi Cola. Now, the sometime singer and oftentimes model has shared a throwback image of a photo boasting that special lyric and her ever-present, dagger nails. Along with a classic bottle of the beverage, of course.

This vintage-looking image, which the singer tweeted, features that famous line, which is hilarious and should make you laugh, in addition to causing you to view a taste of Pepsi a little differently moving forward.

Coca Cola must be jealous. Del Rey must be trying to get the beverage giant to sponsor her. She is already repping Jaguar and Versace. Why not add Pepsi to the portfolio? She seems to be courting it with her lyrics. Although we're not sure such a family-friendly corporation would fully appreciate the scope of her lyrical sentiment.

The 'Paradise' edition of the album is out next week. Enjoy a taste - AHEM! - of the song below. This lovely line comes at just under minute in.

Listen to Snippets of Lana Del Rey 'Paradise' Edition of 'Born to Die'