Lana Del Rey has had all week to lick her wounds after the shellacking she got from her obviously nervous 'SNL' performance (which we didn't think was as bad as much of the media did). The singer is bouncing back by revealing snippets of 'National Anthem' and 'This Is What Makes Us Girls' from 'Born to Die.'  The album drops on Jan. 31.

Demos of the songs leaked a few weeks back, and these are the "official" album versions. As in these are the songs as Del Rey and her team intended them to be heard. There are some changes and some tweaks to the beats and to the vocals, which is to be expected.

The approved version of 'National Anthem,' from what we can tell, has more of a sexy, b-girl vibe. She's still all breathy when she's singing-talking about partying. The "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" thing she talks about regarding her style is certainly in this version, and there's a fuller sound.

'What Makes Us Girls' is lush and the song sprawls, with lots of added layers. It's also dreamier and slower.

We still like Del Rey and her mysterious, distant presence, which she definitely showed on 'SNL.' These snippets make us want to hear more.

Listen to Lana Del Rey 'National Anthem'

Listen to Lana Del Rey 'This Is What Makes Us Girls'