Lana Del Rey, sporting noticeably darker brown hair and a light pink, ribbed frock, performed her depressing -- no, make that melancholic -- song 'Ride' at C a Vous in France.

The intimate setting is interesting. She looks like she is performing in both a cool, hip apartment or a dinner theater. We know, that seems like a bit of a contradiction, but once you watch the video, you'll see that the setting fits LDR's delicate, haunting and ghostly sonic transmissions like a glove.

With lights swirling behind her, the singer/model hasn't changed her performance style much. She still remains a largely static being, moving in time with the beat, but she isn't a demonstrative performer with her body. She doesn't twirl around or go crazy on the stage. She sticks to one place and communicates in a much more subtle way. Her eyes give off a bit of emotion, but other than that, she turns in simple live performances, which is what earned her criticism earlier this year when 'Born to Die' dropped.

So pull up a chair and enjoy LDR as she takes you for a ride with 'Ride.'