Lana Del Rey didn't really take the stage on tonight's (March 22) episode of 'American Idol.' The singer did perform 'Video Games,' but it was taped before a live audience last week due to a "scheduling conflict," so it aired tonight. It certainly stokes the fires of the argument that Del Rey can't sing live, since there was plenty of opportunity for editing post-performance.

Guess what, haters and fans? Del Rey, wearing a short, white sleeveless dress with her auburn waves falling over one shoulder, performed the exact same way she did during her incredibly vilified 'Saturday Night Live' appearance. She didn't move at all, save for some swaying back and forth. She remained stationary and largely immobile behind her microphone stand, as she cooed her somber tune with an ensemble of players behind her. The performance was a rather elegant moment, but it was not a roof raiser. Nothing wrong with that. She's not a rocker.

We wouldn't call Del Rey's voice strong, self-assured or confident, but she doesn't suck. She just isn't a powerhouse, which is the case for many a pop star.

The performance ended with confetti falling on LDR. Nice touch, indeed. It's worth a mention that it was not announced that Del Rey's segment was taped. So to paraphrase the Notorious B.I.G., if you didn't know, now ya know.

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform 'Video Games' on 'American Idol'