Lana Del Rey's song catalog apparently leaks like sieve. Two previously unreleased tracks, 'Dynamite' and 'Noir,' from the stunning chanteuse have hit the Web not long after her release of 'Born to Die: Paradise Edition.' In the case of 'Noir,' it's pretty clear why it was shelved.

'Noir' is an almost painful listen, causing fans and listeners to speculate that the song was from her pre-Lizzy Grant era. In an ironic twist, a pre-fame Del Rey wails, "I'm glamorous / I'm famous / Notorious / Dangerous / But I'm crazy, yo." The result is akin to a jazz-tinged version of early Kesha without the Auto-Tune.

'Dynamite' is a piano-driven pop jam. The verses are as languorous as we've come to express from the occasionally flat-voiced siren, but the choruses are energetic and catchy.

Del Rey incorporates her trademark specific imagery in the song, and similar to 'Cola,' she even uses food to establish a certain ambiance: "French vanilla ice cream just the way I like / Dripping on your windscreen / Can I get a bite?" Following are thinly veiled double entendres featuring "dynamite" and "ready to blow." We'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Noir'

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Dynamite'