Justin Timberlake has obviously made the most of life after 'N Sync, but his former partners in teen-pop mayhem have been busy too. Joey Fatone recently... Uh... Recorded a duet with the Wiggles, and the newest on Lance Bass? He's putting his dreams of being an astronaut on hold to produce 'The Fabulous Lies of Hollywood Whores,' a Broadway show that could potentially star Kirstie Alley. 

The play is described as a "cold, hard, broad" and "dirty" comedy that follows the adventures of a pimp (who would be played by Alley) and her hangers-on. As the New York Times points out, 'Whores' is still very much in development; Bass and his fellow producers are still trying to line up a theater, fill out the cast, and finalize a deal with Alley, who would be making her Broadway debut.

The Bass camp is certainly optimistic, however. Contacted for comment, a spokesperson responded, "Give us a few weeks and we may confirm all of the above."

We can't wait to hear more about Broadway show -- it's gotta be just as entertaining as his well-coiffed boy band Heart2Heart.