When you're looking for traffic news, where do you turn? Lady Gaga, right? That's what the LAPD is hoping. They've asked that Mama Monster, as well as other Hollywood celebs, get the word out via Twitter about the 405 Freeway closure in L.A. next month.

The po-po are calling on Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian -- who, combined, have over 30 million Twitter followers -- as well as other movie and sports stars, to spread the news so that people will be in-the-know before the well-traveled stretch of road road shuts down for 53 hours.

"We're utilizing TV and Radio, but not everyone uses those mediums so we're reaching out through social media contacts," LAPD officer Karen Rayner told NBC LA.

Over 500,000 cars go through the 10-mile stretch of the 405, which scheduled to close down July 15-17, in just one weekend during the summer months. Because California officials are expecting a big cluster of folks trying to re-route -- and in short, a total mess -- they're asking Gaga and others with mega social media followings to encourage their area fans not to get out too much that weekend. As if Los Angeles didn't have enough traffic issues!

It only makes sense that many have taken to calling the plotted weekend, 'carmageddon,' but we can't help but think the mission might be more successful if they gave it a Gaga-licious spin, perhaps 'Lady Gaga's No 405 Weekend?'

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