Lady Gaga constantly talks about how little monsters should dream big, and their dreams just might come true. Well, that actually happened for Laura Manna, a 12-year-old dancer and Gaga fan who submitted a video of herself dancing her a-- off and actually wound up in Gaga's commercial for Google Chrome, which was a vehicle to show how connected Gaga is to her fans via social networks, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube fan videos.
With Lady Gaga and the Internet, anything and everything is possible and Manna's "discovery" proves that the commercial is anything but lip service.

The sleuths over at MTV found some of videos of the pre-teen busting several moves to 'Born This Way.' It's no wonder that she eventually ended up in the ever-popular Google Chrome commercial. Manna dances like it's her job and she could very well be a mini Gaga in training. Perhaps Gaga will have Manna appear on stage at a concert one day. Maybe Manna will get her start as a back up dance. Who knows what the future holds, but this little girl certainly knows how to get her groove on. Thanks to Lady Gaga, the world now knows about her.

Watch Laura Manna Dancing to 'Born This Way'

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