Lauren Alaina, who pushed past her pre-show vocal issues to deliver two rock-solid performances during the the first two rounds of the 'American Idol' finale tonight, unveiled her single 'Like My Mother Does' for her final song of the season.

The song was introduced in a video clip by 'Idol' mentor Jimmy Iovine. "This song is gonna showcase her tonight in her best light," said Iovine. "And it's also gonna show people where she's going as a recording artist."

Wearing a long white dress with floral details, Alaina sang the original tune with heartfelt emotion. In the middle of the song, she made her way down the stage's stairs (with the help of Ryan Seacrest) to walk over to give her mom a hug. It was a memorable moment that is sure to touch the hearts of mothers everywhere.

As far as the original songs performed were concerned, 'Like My Mother Does' definitely seemed to resonate with the crowd and the judges more than Scotty McCreery's 'Love You This Big.'

Randy Jackson was blown away by the performance. "It was a great song," he exclaimed. "It was a great ode to your mom. … You sang that little Mariah Carey soft whisper voice at the end. … It was amazing!"

Jennifer Lopez took it one step further, saying, "Lauren, with that song you may have just won -- that was beautiful!"

Chiming in last, Steven Tyler agreed with Lopez. "As far as I'm concerned, the first time I saw you, I thought you were my American Idol," he remarked. "I think America's gonna find that to be true, as well."

Watch Lauren Alaina Sing 'Like My Mother Does' on 'American Idol'