'American Idol' runner up Lauren Alaina soars through what should become a quintessential and universal pop-country power ballad with her debut single, 'Like My Mother Does.'

It's an ode to mothers, moms, mommies, mamas and mas around the world; and really, who doesn't love, adore and revere their mother for everything she's taught them? That's what puts the song over-the-top and infuses it with mass audience, mainstream appeal. It's somewhat romantic in its reverence for the women who birthed us! It's just a shame Alaina couldn't get this song out in time for Mother's Day.

The song touches on Alaina's strengths, which is the pop-country hybrid. She's ripping a page out of the Carrie Underwood songbook and when she hits the song's biggest note, which is right after the bridge and just before the final chorus, it might make you question how Alaina was edged out by Scotty McCreery, who is of course no slouch himself.

The sentimental, sensitive and, let's be honest, sappy lyrics reflect real life scenarios where we need to emulate our mothers, with lines like "I let my temper fly / She can walk away /When she's had enough / Sees everybody for who they really are / I am so thankful for her guidance / She helped me get this far." It never borders on so cheesy it's practically Velveeta, thanks to the way Alaina carries her notes.

Alaina displays her most assured and confident conviction when she sings, "When I love, I give it all I've got / Like my mother does." Mother Alaina must be proud and moved to tears every time she hears this tune!

Alaina is the runner up for Season 10 but if she keeps belting out singles like 'Like My Mother Does,' Underwood's heir is staking her claim.

Listen to Lauren Alaina, 'Like My Mother Does'