Blond, Ken doll look-a-likes Kingston, who are also twins and a county music duo, have boldly asked 'American Idol' runner up Lauren Alaina to prom via Twitter. With Twitter, everything is possible in the digital age, especially when looking to secure a beautiful, famous prom date.

It'd be double the fun and a blond triple threat if Alaina attended prom on the arms of these good-looking twins, who are named Josh and Zach Carter.

Kingston took the liberty of tweeting "@Lauren_Alaina you know, we’d love to be your prom dates….two for one special!!!!" They didn't even direct message her. They put the request out there in public, for all the world (and their followers) to see. If you are a digital voyeur, you were no doubt loving this exchange.

Well, she'd be getting double the prom value, that's for sure!

Alaina, who received a marriage proposal while on the 'American Idols Live!' tour over the summer, did reply to their message with a stipulation. She wanted to be able to wear a multi-hued dress!

She tweeted this reply:"@WeAreKingston it’s a deal(; I can wear a multi-colored dress. So one of you can wear one color and the other can wear another! That work?"


We think Kingston and Lauren Alaina should sing together at prom.