Lady Gaga and longtime creative director Laurieann Gibson recently broke up, with Gibson finally breaking her silence on the dissolution of their partnership; she reveals that Gaga wanted to take control of her creative direction and that she stepped aside to allow Gaga to do so. The fact that Gaga wanted to assume the reigns should shock no one, as Gaga is a woman and entertainer who knows what she wants and is the type to take charge.

Gibson issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter about the splintering of her relationship with Gaga, saying, "Recently, Lady Gaga was motivated to take the helm of the creative direction of her career." Gibson is also quick to point out that she chose to "step away" and that she was not fired from the plum gig. She also said she is proud of the Mother Monster and wishes her the best.

Gibson was known for making bold statements, even ones that seemed at odds with her boss, in the press, which had fans and critics wondering if Gibson's big mouth lead to her demise in the Haus of Gaga. She kept things professional and polite here and her statement on the split is a bit cold and restrained, in contrast to how big-mouthed she had been when talking to the media.

The entirety of her statement is as follows:

"I am fulfilled with the work I have done with choreographing all of the iconic moves, creative directing the artist, appearances, shows, directing the tour, music videos, and the HBO Monster Ball, which was a culmination of my work as its creator and director. Recently, Lady Gaga was motivated to take the helm of the creative direction of her career and as such I decided to step away. I am extremely proud of her, and in stepping away I wish her all the best. I look forward to continuing my work with notable artists, as well as new artists that are part of my Interscope Records deal, and the upcoming seasons of my TV shows."

Best of luck to Gibson in her post-Gaga endeavors!