The plot of next Wednesday's (Feb. 27) episode of crime procedural 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' is ripped right from the headlines that once defined the Chris Brown and Rihanna romance.

The ep is being billed as a "familiar story of two celebrities" and you needn't be a rocket scientist to realize the writers and producers mined ChRihanna's romance for inspiration and used it as their source material.

The episode is called 'Funny Valentine' and the preview introduces us to a gorgeous singer who is savagely beaten by her boyfriend, also a musician on the rise. The case turns into a media circus as they public becomes curious about what goes down between the pop singer and her hip-hop BF.

We learn that he has a hold on her, so much so that she apologizes when he gets mad and freaks out on her. He barks that he's "a lover not a fighter."

There is a twist. He is actually killed. Is it by her hand? A fan's? His own?

You have to tune in next week at 9PM ET to find out how he met his fate. Another reason to watch? Perez Hilton appears. So does Wendy Wiliams.

Think Breezy will put his foot through his TV when he sees this? He could even try and sue. We said "try."