Lazaro Arbos may be afflicted with a stutter, but when he sings, it just melts away. On tonight's (March 6) episode of 'American Idol,' where the Top 10 men who survived the sudden death rounds competed, Arbos sang the standard 'Feeling Good,' and yes, he sounded good. No, make that great.

Arbos is most definitely a "feel good" story, as he is overcoming a speech impediment and moving us with his melodious, dreamy voice. So it feels good to see and hear him perform 'Feeling Good.'

Wearing a crisp white blazer and watermelon pink shirt as he belted out the song, the crowd went bonkers from start to finish. It's clear that the audience loved him, and if their excitement over Arbos funnels down to the voting and viewing audience at home, we'll be seeing a lot more of this superstar-in-the-making.

Keith Urban pointed out that Arbos forges a connection with every single person listening when he sings. There's no pretense and nothing is forced. It's a natural connection, and therefore, his performance tonight felt like we were seeing a Lazaro Arbos concert.

Nicki Minaj loved that he wore a pink shirt, since it's her favorite hue. She also loved his performance and she was expecting not to like it: When she found out he was singing that song in advance, she was expecting it to be too slow, but he won her over.

We've got no issues -- Arbos is in it to win it. We know that because Randy Jackson said it for the first time tonight when Arbos sang. So when R. Jacks says it, it's gospel.