Congrats to our girl Lea Michele. The singer and 'Glee' star is the latest entry into the PopCrush Pop Clash Hall of Fame with her debut single, 'Cannonball.' Not too shabby!

The song, from her upcoming solo album, 'Louder,' out in March, took on a bevy of worthy opponents and she knocked 'em out each and every week -- like a cannonball being fired at the competition. Sorry, we had to!

First, she went up against Ashley Tisdale's 'You're Always Here.' The race was incredibly close as it was TV diva vs. TV diva, but Lea edged out the Tiz.

Next, the 'Cannonball' aimed at the 'Wrecking Ball' of Miley Cyrus, and the song once again reigned supreme, despite a heated, neck-and-neck battle.

For her third conquest, Michele and 'Cannonball' went up against another dark-hared TV star looking to break into music: Lucy Hale and her debut single, 'You Sound Good to Me.' Michele prevailed with 75 percent of the vote in a landslide win.

The ladies could not take out Miss Lea Michele, so for her fourth and final week of competition, she tackled dude duo Timeflies and their new track 'All the Way.' The competition was fierce, but Lea Michele prevailed, and off to the Hall of Fame she goes.

Congrats again to Lea Michele on her Pop Clash HoF induction.