As the series finale of Glee draws closer (the two-parter airs on Friday, March 20), we can at least console ourselves with some of the music from the upcoming episode — like Lea Michele and Chris Colfer belting out "Popular" from Wicked.

We've loved "Popular" ever since Kristin Chenoweth-as-Galinda sang it and dazzled on Broadway back in 2003, so you can imagine our excitement now that the kids of Glee have put their own stamp on it. This version (which you can listen to over on JustJared) features Lea Michele (as Rachel Berry) and Chris Colfer (as Kurt Hummel) seamlessly blending their voices together on the super upbeat makeover song. Needless to say, the actors sound amazing, and we love the track as a female/male duet! It puts a totally unique spin on the bubbly tune, as Glee tends to do.

Plus, we always love whenever Glee covers an Idina Menzel song (like "Let It Go" or any of their Wicked covers) if not just for the fact that the Frozen actress portrays Rachel's mom on the show. It's so meta.

Gleeks, the beloved glee club series ends in a two-part episode this Friday, March 20 at 8 PM ET. JustJared reports that one of the episodes is called "2009," while the other is titled "Dreams Come True." The tears are already starting.

Gleeks, listen to Lea Michele and Chris Colfer belt out "Popular" on JustJared.

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