Lea Michele graces the March 2012 cover of Prestige and boy, does Rachel Berry go glam.

The 'Glee' star is dressed in a black, blue and green jewel-encrusted bodysuit that shows off a lot of skin without being vulgar or "too much." That's due to the fact that we are seeing limbs, not a bare belly.

While we normally praise Michele for her soaring vocals, we're taking a moment to admire and applaud her statuesque form. Lookin' good, Lea. She's working that bodysuit, which flashes a little cleavage and has an up-to-there cut. Michele's smoldering stare and the styling prevent it from wandering into controversial territory.

The dark, inky nail polish is a nice, subtle touch, too. The lack of baubles and accessories is also a smart move, since the bodysuit is bedazzled. Any excess jewelry would detract from the outfit.

Miss Michele strikes a confident pose, with her hands on her thighs and an intense stare. Michele is comfortable in front of the camera and it certainly loves her in this image.

The singer/actress tweeted the shot, writing, "Check out my pics from my Prestige Mag cover shoot! Had the best time on this shoot!"