When watching FOX, it's not unusual to see one of the network's biggest TV stars -- 'Glee' famer Lea Michele -- on the screen. But we were thrilled when a sexified Lea popped up unexpectedly in a new trailer for an upcoming flick, 'New Years Eve.'

In the film, out this winter, the gleek will party like it's 1999, sing, and maybe even kiss Ashton Kutcher, if she's lucky. It's about time that Rachel/Lea finds true love! Just don't tell Demi.

Lea Michele stands tall alongside an incredible A-list cast, which includes Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mr. Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Bon Jovi and so many more!

We're guessing this flick will be the love movie of 2011, based on the cast list alone. Don't believe us? Take Katherine Heigl's word: "There's gonna be more celebrities here than rehab!"

'New Year's Eve' hits theaters on Dec. 9.

Watch the 'New Year's Eve' Trailer