'Glee' actress Lea Michele anticipates new projects in 2012 as she is desperate to portray a few of her idols on the big screen. She's shooting high and aiming big, boldly naming her role models: Natalie Wood and Barbra Streisand.

As reported by ShowbizSpy, Michele said, "My new year’s resolutions are to keep working, doing things that are challenging, exciting and enjoyable.”

Though Michele has set large goals for 2012, she's somewhat sentimental when it comes to New Year's Eve. The 'New Year's Eve' starlet plans to spend it in New York with her family as she does every year. She's done the same thing for seven years, which includes watching New Yorkers do a a 5K run in Central Park when the clock strikes midnight.

Going to Central Park to watch the wannabe athletes, the band and the fireworks with her loved ones is a big tradition for Michele, and she intends to keep it that way. It's good to see such a huge star remain so grounded. It sounds like Lea Michele is already off to a happy New Year!