Allure's December cover girl Lea Michele not only talks about her unconventional beauty and the nose she will never have surgically altered in the issue -- the 'Glee' star also addressed those persistent rumors that her slim physique is the result of an eating disorder. As Michele explains, it's actually due to her vegan diet and jaw surgery, the latter of which restricted her caloric intake. This half-Italian superstar confessed to healthy relationship with food. Mangia!

While Michele celebrated her "Italian/Jewish" hair when tweeting about the Allure photo shoot, she also celebrated her Italian-bred love of food! "People get confused, like, you know, I just eat grass," she said, referencing her animal-free diet."I'm half Italian. I can eat some b------s under the table." Now that's what we like to hear, Lea! Most Italian meals consist of carbs -- pasta and bread, loaded with spices and sauce -- so it'd be pretty impossible for Michele not to inhale a delicious home-cooked meal that fills her up.

So all the naysayers and haters criticizing Michele for having a toned physique need to stop assuming that she is starving herself in order to look good. She is choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to watch what she eats. There is no harm in that. All those singing and dancing routines on 'Glee' certainly keep her fit and in shape, as well.