Mary J. Blige is working on a collaboration with Nicki Minaj, but 'Feel Inside,' a purported duet between the two that leaked online yesterday, isn't it.

Billboard reports that the leaked song is actually a mashup of two unrelated songs and not an official track. 'Feel Inside' showed a lot of promise, with Blige's soul sound meshing nicely with Minaj's hip-hop leanings. Over a sample from Wu-Tang Clan's 'Triumph,' Blige sang, "We say all the wrong things 'til we make each other cry / What are we doing, will it ever get better?"

While 'Feel Inside' may not be official, the last line of the mashup is Minaj saying, "Yo, this is a Mary J. Blige-Nicki Minaj knockout collabo." So at least part of the track must have come from the actual recording session for the duet. We'll just have to stay patient and wait for the real thing.

Blige's next album, 'My Life II, The Journey Continues,' is scheduled for a Sept. 20 release and will contain the single 'Someone to Love Me (Naked).'

Listen to Mary J. Blige, 'Feel Inside' Mashup Feat. Nicki Minaj