Justin Bieber's a huge fan of Carly Rae Jepsen, and after we watched this interview, we are too! Jepsen sat down with MTV News and chatted about new mentor as well as her own obsessions -- including shoes.

"I have an obsession with high heels mostly because I'm 5'2" and a girl needs all the help she can get!" We can relate, and so can Jepsen's girlfriends, who she revealed inspire some of her songs. "I have a fascination with words, so if a girlfriend starts talking and says a phrase that resonates with me, I'll put it down on a napkin and get inspired from that." Keep that in mind, gals: she's writing down what you say, so speak carefully!

Jepsen also revealed that despite being a finalist in 'Canadian Idol,' one of the judges actually wanted her eliminated a lot sooner ... because he loved her so much that he wanted to sign her right then and there!

Tune in below to learn what homemade Japanese dish Jepsen is skilled at cooking up as well as what her favorite dessert is.

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen's Interview with MTV News