The Wanted boys have precious accents where everything they say sounds polite. Even when they are translating British slang -- like minky or chuffed -- they sound like prim and proper gentlemen. When CBS asked the fivesome to explain the meanings of colloquialisms from their homeland, they were quite forthcoming and chatty.

You could consult their slang guide and head to the U.K. and fit right in by tossing off these terms. Hit the pub and let 'em know you are chuffed to get rat arsed and hang out with a slapper.

Below is a partial list of the Wanted's glossary of (mostly NSFW) slang, courtesy of CBS.

Gobbing: Spitting.

Tom Parker said: “I think girls spitting is pretty rank. We encourage males to gob all day long.” But Nathan Sykes added: “Just not on us.” Max George said: “I prefer a swallower than a gobber.” Zing!

Minky: What little girls call their "lady bits" (aka: parts).

Chuffed: Happy

Jay said it's the American equivalent is "stoked."

Slapper: Lady of loose morals.

Nathan said, “The sort of girl you wouldn’t take home to your mum.” But Jay added: "She acts like a prostitute but she doesn’t take cash." Isn't that a good thing for a guy?

Toff: An upper class, rich person. Like the Queen. Or the Beckhams.

Punter: A regular.

Jay said it's "a real life version of an online subscriber.”

Rat Arsed: Wasted, drunk.

Watch a Video of the Wanted Discussing Slang