Britney Spears mega-fan Chris Crocker, who once stood behind the pop star when she was the subject of media backlash, is now standing up for his right to free speech. Even Crocker can admit that Brit's live performances as of late aren't up to par; and in this video, he reaches out to her and says that she should walk away from the stage completely.

"I kept it real when I told the world to leave Britney alone, and I'm keeping it real when I'm telling Britney she needs to leave the stage alone," Crocker says, kicking off his latest rant.

Fans have recently given the notorious YouTuber heat for going against his girl, saying that he's not a true fan -- but he's no hater, he's the one who pushed the naysayers away from Brit Brit in the first place. "I'm still being a concerned person when I say that she needs to leave the stage alone, just because I don't feel like it's making her happy," he stresses. "What is so wrong in me being honest that she doesn't look happy on stage? That's not me criticizing her as a person, that's me criticizing her as a performer."

"I don't know if she's on medication, I just know it's hard to watch," Crocker continues, referencing Brit's latest low-energy performance alongside Rihanna at the Billboard Music Awards. "Her management or her team, you know, they want Britney to compete with these new girls is the thing. Britney could give a damn about being on stage. I’m being honest when I say that from the moment Britney’s on stage to the moment [she] gets off, Britney can’t wait to get off stage."

In his five-and-a-half minute rant, Crocker goes on to say that the Britney he knew and loved is gone, and that this new version of the beloved hitmaker is a hollow shell, just on stage to earn a paycheck. "Right now she's a walking, talking ad for Prozac, is all I know. I'm just sayin'," he says. "She's robot girl now. I'm just here to keep it real."

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