On tonight's blind auditions of 'The Voice,' baker Lee Koch revealed that he loves getting his hands, uh, doughy. But he wants to be a musician who bakes, not a baker who does music on the side. He performed a clever version of Bob Dylan's 'Like a Rolling Stone' while strumming the guitar. He had a unique tone to his voice that was unlike anything we've heard so far. While it seemed like Blake Shelton was going to choose him, Christina Aguilera nabbed him at the last minute, once he began wailing on he harmonica.

It was an odd pairing, on paper at least, since Xtina focuses on vocalists with powerhouse voices similar to her own. But that theory, not execution. Here, the singer stepped out of her comfort zone by selecting Koch, since he is a musician with a rare voice, as opposed to a room-filling one. It's a ballsy move and a smart one on her part, since it can yield something unexpected, unpredictable and amazing. We're glad to see her diversify her team this season.

Adam Levine said that he was pissed that his team was already full, since he wanted to select Koch. So that was another endorsement.

Koch told Xtina that this was his last chance at music or it'd be back to the bakery, so he thanked her for extending his pursuit of music.

Good work, Xtina. Lee Koch is too good to leave music in the rear view.

Watch Lee Koch Perform 'Like A Rolling Stone' on 'The Voice'