Leighton Meester has revealed that she's returning to music with her new album, 'Heartstrings.' The album is scheduled to be released on Oct. 28.

Meester made the announcement on Twitter and revealed that fans who pre-order the album can get the album's title track now. She also took to Instagram to reveal the album artwork.

'Heartstrings' is a completely different sound from the pop-EDM sound of her 2009 hit with Robin Thicke, 'Somebody to Love.' 'Heartstrings' is a blend of indie pop and rock, with a little twang that gives it a unique sound.

In an interview with Billboard, Meester says, "'Heartstrings' speaks to vibe and encompasses a lot of the themes of the rest of the album. It's been a long time coming and I'm very excited to finally release it."

Click on the video above to listen to 'Heartstrings.'