The always quick-witted Lena Dunham, the writer and star of HBO's savvy dramedy 'Girls,' was left quipless when she and co-star Allison Williams rubbed elbows with the newest 'Bachelor': Juan Pablo Galavis.

Dunham may have lost her capacity for words, but she made up for it with chocolate, which JP gave her. How sweet -- quite literally!

A hot dude and imported sweets? Sign us up!

Dunham shared photos of their meeting on her Instagram feed. They crossed paths via promotional efforts for their respective shows, each of which launch new seasons this week (with 'The Bachelor' premiering tonight). Hobnobbing in the green room of 'Good Morning America'!

Williams' eyes went red with passion.

Dunham called him such a delight that she was left jokeless. Most of us would be left speechless, too.

Here is the Venezuelan chocolate given to Dunham by JP. That's the quickest way to a girl's heart. Forget that whole rose thing.