Even Lena Dunham, the crafty and clever wordsmith who is never afraid to get naked, be it on her HBO show 'Girls' on when hosting 'SNL,' commits a digital and verbal gaffe every now and again.

The actress issued an inappropriate tweet alluding to molestation, only to quickly (and wisely) delete it and apologize.

On Sunday, March 9, Dunham responded to a fan tweeting that she doesn't always need to get naked in her work. Her reply: "Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He's been making me!"

Her fans quickly criticized such a cavalier attitude towards molestation, especially from someone who is known for and praised for her feminist politics. Dunham, 27, admitted she was in the wrong, realizing the error of her ways and issuing a sincere trio of apology tweets which are posted below.

Props to Dunham for reacting quickly and appropriately to something inappropriate.