Actress, writer and quirky "it" girl Lena Dunham hosted 'SNL' for the first time last night (March 8),  and she was happy to discuss her propensity for getting naked -- and even got naked, because of course she did.

Her opening monologue was not crashed by any A-listers -- although actor Liam Neeson showed up in the cold open about the situation in Russia and the Ukraine -- as has been the case this season.

Instead, it was crashed by cast members, who felt so comfortable with Dunham due to her lay-it-all-out-and-then-some TV show that they asked her for advice on their own sex and love lives.

But first, she joked that she was nervous about taking the stage to host. To combat her anxiety, she followed the old adage of imagining the audience naked or "at least imagine they haven't seen you naked."

Right off the bat, she was going for it! Given the fact that her HBO show is both celebrated and criticized for its nudity, we knew this was coming. She accepted that the show is known for its graphic sex scenes and said it's "our thing." She is fine with it, save for the fact that random people see it as a license to have TMI sex conversations with her.

She paid for it when Vanessa Bayer used bad metaphors for her boyfriend's junk and when Bobby Moynihan flashed her and asked if he has the right number of "these."

Dunham also played Eve, the original 'Girl' who pre-dates (but borrows a lot of traits from) her 'Girls' character Hannah Horvath, in a digital short. It was biblically-themed yet modern. Dunham was Eve in the Garden of Eden, wondering if her relationship with her 'Girls' co-star Adam Driver (played by Taran Killam) is going to lead to marriage, if she needs to watch the apple before she eats it and if she is ever going to conform to society's standards. It was Lena playing Hannah-as-Eve, and it was hilarious, especially when she asked not to be apple shamed!

Dunham also played a character who asked too many questions on 'Scandal' and it was brilliant, and Jon Hamm hilariously crashed the sketch where Dunham and Nasim Pedrad hosted a teen talk show.

It was fun to see Dunham play variations of Hannah and characters nothing like Hannah at all.

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