Lenny Kravitz has a furious temper that explodes when he's stuck in traffic or when grandmothers try to give him cookies. That's the plot of a new 'Funny or Die' clip that portrays the normally laid-back rocker in a totally different light.

Kravitz punches a tourist who mistakes him for will.i.am and attacks a random dude in an doctor's waiting room for no reason at all. He screams at granny because her cookies contain walnuts can't get over his inability to pronounce "linoleum." Most bizarrely, he blows up at a guy who gives him the wrong date for an eclipse. "I stayed up all night and I didn't see one shadow," Kravitz yells. "You suck!"

The 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' singer proves to be quite adept at physical comedy. Check out the gestures he makes when he attempts to fly a kite and when climbs out of his car in a traffic jam and shouts, "Screw you!"

Kravitz just completed a European tour in support of his latest album, 'Black or White America,' which contains the excellent single 'Stand' and co-writes with Jay-Z and Drake.

Watch the Lenny Kravitz 'Funny or Die' Video