Musician Lenny Kravitz reteams with Jay-Z on the dancehall-tinged burner 'Boongie Drop,' which is the latest leak from the rocker's ninth studio album 'Black and White America.' This is the third time the Krav and Hov have work together since 'Guns & Roses' from Jay-Z's 2002 LP 'The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse.'

On the song, Kravitz introduces listeners to a new dance he calls the 'Boongie Drop,' which may be just a flip of the popular booty drop seen in salacious rap videos. The rocker describes the scene of a steamy dancehall where beautiful women with tight booty shorts on are shaking their hips to the music, while oversexed couples are bumping and grinding in the shadows of the club.

"Black heat fills the dancehall / Lovebirds got the back wall / Junglers do their labels / High heels on the tables / Bare feet on the dirt floor / No one cares if you're poor / I'm free, lockin' the door / Ain't coming home tonight," he sings.

Jay-Z comes through with a freaky verse that might surprise a few, but fits perfectly with the song's lustful groove. "Pop, lock and drop it / I make that p---y speak patois / Like Petra, remember her? / Remember me from the basement party?" he commandingly raps. "At the red light, never give me red light / Only give me green light, you know what I mean right? / After my Red Stripe, jump up on my motorbike / Show me you can roll it right."

'Boongie Drop' is a big departure from Kravitz's rock 'n' roll vibe and we wouldn't be surprised if it offends some of his die-hard fans. The song is also not as dancehall grungy as we would have liked it, but certainly groove-worthy for us to add it to our iTunes summer playlist.

Lenny Kravitz's 'Black and White America' album will arrive in stores on Aug. 30.

Listen to Lenny Kravitz, 'Boongie Drop' Feat. Jay-Z and DJ Military